Angels Along My Path Of Thorns

Gabriela A. Folgar de Shea

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My book is an adventure story of a

teenage girl in 1960s Guatemala. It is the story

of my survival from family abuse, kidnapping,

rape and captivity; a story  of my  steely

resistance to all adversity, driven by my will to

survive and a desire to seek justice upon the

perpetrator of my misfortune.

Much of the story takes place in San Pedro

Pinula, Guatemala between 1960 and 1964, a

town with no electricity, where men wore six-

shooters on their belts, and where

transportation was by horse or donkey; a

region in Guatemala where justice was, and

still is, not dispensed by the law, but directly

by the victim or the victim's family—this is the

setting. If you wish you may click and read an

excerpt from my book.

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My sincerest hope is that my story, aside from being a good,

spellbinding and entertaining read, will bring hope to those who

have survived extreme adversity and are having trouble moving

forward. One of my rescuing angels advised me: move forward,

don't look back, and don't be too proud to receive help from



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Second place for best biography

International Latino Book Awards

Los Angeles, May 29, 2008